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LogoTalk Radio is the worlds premier podcast about Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (LTEA).

LTEA is the comprehensive psychological theory and therapy of Dr. Viktor E. Frankl.

It relies on the defiant power of the human spirit to discover meaning under any and all circumstances.

Logotalk Radio began in January 2009 and continued monthly through 2015. The podcast now maintains a valuable and comprehensive archive of lectures, interviews, and event recordings unique to the field. The podcast continues to produce occasional new episodes when interesting, new content becomes available. Even today, now six years since monthly podcasts ceased, LogoTalk Radio continues to be downloaded by hundreds of people every year in a total of 80 countries around the world.

A self-study course also organically emerged from the accumulation of content.

So, welcome to our archive! Sit back, explore our podcasts, and enjoy! And may you have a meaningful day!

Hosted by:
Marshall H. Lewis, Ph.D.
Diplomate in Logotherapy

Music by:
Tatjana Vucinic, M.Sc.
"Believe in Me"

Podcast Identification by:
Dana Simmons

Title Graphic by:
Franklin Lewis